BGOTI365: Be Gold on the Inside

Hello 2015. It's taken me a bit to get into the swing of things this year. I feel disoriented - a little lost, even, but partially because I've been locked out of the CCC Instagram account. Real Problems.

In December, this art exhibit appeared in one of my favorite local coffee shops: BGOTI365 by Maryland native Ari Melenciano and it's becoming my personal mantra for the year --


The works in this exhibit are some of the output from Ari's year long project to make art every day. Her personal artistic expressions span mediums from art, painting, collaging to video and multimedia works. This exhibit has been personally speaking to me these days and inspiring me to get back into the world of art, i.e. pen / color to paper.

May your 2015s be bright, my friends. Let it be a golden year.

Go visit the exhibit in Silver Spring, MD until mid February. Follow the bgoti project-to-business on Instagram.


Small Biz Takeover - not just for this Saturday, but for every day!

Happy Small Business Saturday! My favorite of all corporately disguised holidays. AmEx nicely patronizes us small businesses one day a year, but in reality, everyone should be supporting small businesses all the time. And with CASH. One of my favorite small business owners, Lisa Rowan, writes a nice piece on that here. (Photo above from 60 Bugs)

So this weekend, stick it to THE MAN and shop small because the best gifts sometimes come from small businesses. Here's where you can find that perfect gift this weekend and all December. (Photo below from Analog at the Monroe St Market Arts Walk)

+ Saturday, Nov 29: Small Biz Saturday Spots of Choice:

+ Other Holiday Markets + Pop-Ups Around the City:

P.S. Our friends at Domicile Magazine put together the coolest LOCAL holiday gift guide right here. Check it out and go to Gift & Gather to see some of these pieces in REAL LIFE.

Happy Holidays! See you around the city.


Creative Biz Takeover Giveaway WINNER

In the spirit of creative businesses and creative business growth, Jonna of JH Photography and I have a WINNER to announce for our Creative Biz Takeover giveaway:


Enyo jewelry is a DC based jewelry company that takes inspiration for her bold, colorful pieces from African cultures. Jonna and I are excited to dive into the world of jewelry staging and helping more businesses grow! If you entered the giveaway and didn't win but are still interested in our services, hit us up! Details here.


MAJOR COLLABORATION: a Creative Small Biz Takeover

Okay friends- maybe you've noticed that little Services tab on the sidebar; maybe you know I love small businesses and blogging and instagraming; maybe you need help with those things -- the time has come for a big, awesome collaboration.

Get your creative biz-shit together.

I can help. So can a friend of mine, JH Photography.

So you make things. You're good at it. You're the best at making felt button pins in allll of Washington, DC but OMG you have kids and a day job and a cat and SOCCER PRACTICE! Who has time to take care of a small business too?!

That takes time and energy that at the end of the day - you don't have. Well here's to creative people helping creative people. *Cheers

I'm really excited to announce a collaboration with JH Photography - Silver Spring based photographer Jonna Huseman and I are teaming up to help small businesses. Jonna has helped me get my own biz-shit in order and we're combining our creative powers to breathe some life into your own crafty online world.

+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + +

Here's what we can do:

+ Jonna can photograph you and your work in an artist photo session and I can help write and craft an "About" page on your blog, website or Etsy shop that really tells the story of your brand.
+ Jonna can photograph your products in a product session and I can help set up an online shop for you.
+ Need a small seasonal look book? Yup, we can do that.

>> Interested in our services? Send a big ol' fat email to both of us - chocolatecitycreatives@gmail.com && jonna@jhphotograph.com with what you're looking for. Need something similar to what's outlined above but not quite what we've actually written? Send us your wildest, non-sexual creative biz fantasies and we'll work with you to make them come true.

+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + +

AND to kick off this collaboration, Jonna and I are giving away one artist session + about page story FO FREE. 

In the spirit of small business month [is that a thing yet?!] simply retweet this tweet [also below] between now and November 28. We'll be announcing a winner on Small Business Saturday. GOOD LUCK! RT as much as you like - you get one entry per RT.